Tips for Trading/Dealing with Trolls

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Tips for Trading/Dealing with Trolls

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:02 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quick Tips for trading ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(1) If you're shipping items, always use delivery confirmation, and always keep the proof that you shipped.

(2) Always ask for a real name, home address, or telephone number. Verify it with a call or a search in the white pages.

(3) If the seller is suspicious, please search for info about him or contact a mod. If deal sounds too good to be true, chances are that it is.

(4) Don’t jump to conclusions, email the seller if you have problems, if you have their phone number, give them a call.

(5) If you feel that you’ve been scammed, you can file complaints about internet fraud directly with the FBI at their Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFFC) You can also go to and file a complaint for postal fraud, and most state Attorney Generals have an online internet fraud complaint form.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Avoiding Trolls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(1) No matter what, get a name, address and phone number and then confirm the information by:

a. Phoning the telephone number and checking if it is actually them.

b. Going to or a similar site and check out if the last name matches the address. If it does not match, find out why from the trader before selling (the telephone may be listed to another party in the house) Chances are if they won't provide a phone number, something is up.

(2) Don't ship first without getting good references. You can get money back through different means if your money is taken, but your SOL if you ship before receiving payment.

(3) Use a credit card with paypal when at all possible. You're only liable for 50$ in damages if someone rips you off.

(4) If you cannot use a credit card, use a check since they are traceable and can prove your case if it comes down to contacting the police.

(5) Don't accept a cell phone for the phone number. It's much easier to change or cancel than a home phone number.

(6) Keep a record of all conversation with the person pertaining to the trade. It provides backup when having to deal with the police.

(7) Be wary of anyone with a recent forum registration date. Post count means little, date of registration does.

(8) If a deal seems too good to be true, chances are that it be wary.

~~~~~~~~~ OUTING A TROLL ~~~~~~~~~~~

(1) If you have a problem with a buyer or seller and believe them to be a Troll, do NOT post a thread or comment about said user unless you have PROOF that the person is indeed a troll. Posting a suspicion without proper backup only makes you look bad on the forum.

(2) Claiming someone is a troll because they are selling something "too good to be true" or any other suspicious reason is not allowed.

(3) When "outing" a troll you must provide PROOF that the troll did indeed rip you off. This means that you started a trade, either with money or merchandise and you did not receive the item promised. Hearsay or rumors are NOT grounds for crying troll on this forum.

(4) In lots of cases items are sent out, but maybe not as quickly as hoped. Give the trade sufficient time to pan out before claiming someone is a troll. I suggest at least waiting 2-4 weeks before even thinking about claiming someone as a troll.

(5) Believe it or not, things do happen that cause people delay in shipping on a promised date. This does not make them a troll. They should provide a satisfactory explanation for such activity, but it's not necessary as long as the trade is completed.

(6) If you have a problem with the speed at which someone trades, leave them negative feedback.

(7) The key here is to remember that EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty!!!

(8) Remember and make use of these tips and no one will get hurt.

~~~~~~~~~~~Regarding Troll Threads~~~~~~~~~~~

We really do not want Troll threads on this forum unless there is adequate proof that there has actually been an instance of trolling. If you have proof that you have been a victim of a scam, report it to the moderator of this forum. The facts will be checked out and if there has been an instance of a scam, an official warning thread will be created. The operative word here is proof. Present all of the needed trade parameters, contact information and logs of communication when contacting a moderator about a troll instance. If you followed the tips and warnings listed above, you should have no problems in providing the needed proof.


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